Discovering Your Super Power

Success & Abundance For The Helping Professional

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Are you a naturopath, acupuncturist, nutritionist, chiropractor, osteopath or some kind of amazing helping professional who wants to help more people?


If so, I've created this course for you!



Here are some of the BENEFITS. . .

1) Shift your mindset to prepare you for success and abundance

2) Discover what makes you unique so that you can attract more people to your practice

3) Learn how to market yourself in an authentic and powerful way

4) Experience clarity and calm because the delivery is organized, systematic and easy to understand


What you might be going through . . .


Your school taught you wonderful ways to help people. . .


You know there are tons of people who need your help….. and you want to help those people. . .


You were excited. Ready to help. But they didn’t come. . .


There is a gap, a void, not to mention student loans and bills to pay. . .


You’ve tried a lot of free marketing resources, but you feel like you’re spinning your wheels. . .


You might be feeling overwhelmed and panicked. . .


Don’t get down on yourself. . .


You just need to LEARN about success and marketing. After all, you did go to school to learn about and acquire your professional skill set. . .


You’re smart, you passed all those exams, so you can definitely learn about marketing. . .


You just need information, mentorship and support. . .


This course can be the bridge that connects you to those people who desperately need your help. . .


Let’s build that bridge together.



A little bit about me . . .



I am so glad you found me! My name is Nana Jokura. I am a naturopathic doctor with a thriving practice in Toronto, Canada. I have a passion for helping people and a nerdy interest in business and marketing with authenticity.


This is because if I know how to market more effectively, I CAN HELP MORE PEOPLE!


A couple of years ago, I found myself in a situation where I had to double my income fast, for the second time.


I was doing well and steadily building my practice, but I was facing a significant challenge in my personal life where there was a real possibility of losing the house and the clinic and being financially responsible for supporting my family.


I was using my emergency fund and that fund was quickly running out.


I knew something had to change. And that something was me.


I learned how to change the way I was seeing the situation.

I learned to take 100% responsibility for my results

I learned to accept the situation but not let it have power over me

I learned what my REAL strengths are

I learned that it starts with my mind and attitude, and then my actions


It took a major life event to make me realize that I couldn’t keep going the way I had.


Although I didn’t see it at the time, this change in my life gave me the opportunity to grow bigger and faster than anything else.


The solution you come up with must be greater than the problem.


The way I had been doing things wasn’t going to be good enough and I was ready for change.


And things did change . . .


My bookings had increased, which meant I was helping more people


I was able to pay all my bills easily and on time, or early


Instead of using my savings, I was able to set aside money towards my savings


Instead of worrying about every dollar, I could enjoy going out for dinner


I was able to support myself and my family, doing what I love to do, which is helping people


I could breathe and felt  a renewed sense of confidence and freedom



Why I created this course . . .


I kept meeting practitioners who were talented clinicians, but were having a difficult time booking their own clients.


I’ve also seen amazing practitioners who leave their profession because they couldn’t book enough clients.


This breaks my heart.


I wanted to understand why I had been successful and why some other practitioners were not doing as well so that I could help others achieve success.


I have examined exactly what had worked for me and took some time out of my busy practice to create this course for you.


I’ve had many students and clinicians shadow me at the clinic, but there’s no way I could share EVERYTHING I know in just a couple of hours.


So I have distilled the thousands of hours of my practice, study, mistakes and successes into an easy to digest course.


You’ll still need to invest time, money and energy of course, but I’d like to save you from the frustration of doing it alone and speed up the process for you.


The world needs more people who can help other people. You have sacrificed too much to get to this point. The world needs you and I truly want to see you succeed!


Nana Jokura’s 50-50 Inner-Outer Way:


I have personally taken and tested a ton of courses in marketing.


Some of them were amazing but some left me feeling overwhelmed with way too much information.


Most of them didn’t teach me how to get organized in my thinking, which is where it all starts. I want to show you how to get organized in both your inner world and outer world.


Most courses are about the outer world action and marketing tactics, which are helpful if you’ve already done the inner work.


Other resources just stay in the inner world, never really getting to what needs to be done.


I believe the combination of both inner and outer work is where the magic happens and I take you through that step-by-step.


50% is about the inner work that is then matched with 50% that is about doing the outer work.


You need both to succeed.


That is why I’ve come up with “Nana’s 50-50 Inner-Outer Way” and I show you all about it in this course.




This course if right for you if you are:

In this to help people . . . lots of people

– as a naturopathic doctor, acupuncturist, nutritionist, chiropractor, osteopath, physiotherapist, healer, coach, consultant, or any other wonderful helping professional

Wanting an organized and systematic marketing course

- that will help you discover your authentic and aligned voice

Ready to build the bridge to the people who need your help

– and are ready to take 100% responsibility for your results


Ready to stop trying to do it all by yourself

– because you know that all successful people use programs and have mentors who can help accelerate growth and provide clarity


Ready to discover your Super Powers

– this is the key to attracting more clients, and it’s so much more than just picking your niche


Here Is What You Get When You Enrol Today...

Module #1 - The Laws of Success

I’ll show you the crucial principles that successful practitioners and business owners use to grow a thriving practice. These are the exact principles I used to double my practice, twice.

Module #2: Making Friends With Money

You’ll learn how to have a great relationship with money so that you can enjoy an abundant flow! Learn about both the inner and outer work that needs to be done. We’ll look at abundance principles, getting you organized, and helping you set your rates for your services and packages.

Module #3: Owning Your Super Power With Confidence

Discovering your unique super powers will make you much more attractive to potential clients. You will learn how to be more confident and create a wonderful a self-image.

Module #4: Your Client’s Big Desire

You’ll learn how to figure out what your clients actually want so that you bridge the gap between what you offer and what your clients want. This leads to increasing your bookings and helping MANY more people.

Module #5: Your Lead Magnet, Offer and System

Create your enticing lead magnet to draw people in. Learn how to conduct a great free initial consultation that actual converts and gets more people to book in. Learn what templates are crucial for your systems so that clients feel supported.

Module #6: Marketing

Learn about the essentials in marketing including mindset and what to say to people at in-person marketing venues. Everything you create in this course will set you up with an amazing foundation that is usually missing from advanced online marketing training. This course will help you identify your Super Power, and what makes you stand out so that any investment in further strategies will be amplified.

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  • Bonus: Special downloadable audio recordings on confidence & abundance
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Designed for the totally independent student



  • Bonus: Special downloadable audio recordings on confidence & abundance
  • 24 Video Lessons
  • Downloadable Worksheets
  • 6 Week Course (extended access for 12 months)
  • Q&A for 6 weeks
  • Earn a Certificate of Completion
  • Mastermind Workshop
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Designed for the student who wants to achieve exceptional results by using the power of the mastermind – the ultimate way to give and receive support


Dr. Marianna Wright, ND - Naturopathic Doctor

“I’ve learned so much from Nana Jokura about the business side of things that were crucial after graduating school!”

Carley Nadine McConkey - Holistic Nutritionist

"Before this course, picking a niche was so difficult for me. I love the process of figuring out my super power from an authentic place!"

Emmanuel Boissonnier - Osteopathic Manual Practitioner

" The lesson on initial consults has given me the confidence I've needed to be able to talk to potential clients and book them in!" 

N.A. - Acupuncturist

“Nana is a great teacher and business woman. I have learned so much from working with her.”

Course Registration Closes on Wednesday, November 1st, Midnight (EST) 2017

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Try It Risk Free For 27 Days

I’d love to make this decision as easy for you as possible. I also want you to feel great about getting started. If you go through the earlier modules and feel that you have not received great value, just send me an email showing me that you’ve completed all the work up to Module 4 before the 27 days are up and I will happily give you a refund. I want to work with students who are committed to getting results by doing the work and taking action!

Frequently Asked Questions

    • q-iconHow do I earn my Certificate of Completion?

      Once you have completed all your worksheets for each module, you will email your work. I check that everything is completed and provide you with valuable detailed feedback by email. If you successfully complete all the worksheets, within 12 weeks of your enrolment, you will be awarded the certificate.

    • q-iconHow long will I have to earn my Certificate of Completion?

      The course can be completed in 6 weeks, but you will have up to 12 weeks from the start of the course.

    • q-iconCan you tell me more about the Mastermind Workshop?

      Masterminds have consistently been used by highly successful people. It is a space where you both give and receive support. You are able to accomplish more with others than you can on your own.

      You will have access to a recorded presentation that takes you through, step-by-step how to run your own effective mastermind.

    • q-iconHow will the Q&A sessions work?

      If you are an Elite student, you will submit your question (optional) by email and I will record all answers with video or audio. There will be Q&A sessions, once a week for the first 6 weeks from the registration closing date. I will then post the answers in the course portal so that you can access it whenever it’s convenient for you.

    • q-iconCan this course count towards my CE (continuing education) credits?

      This will depend on what your profession requires for CE credits. It’s best to check with your regulatory board and find out their requirements and whether the certificate of completion will be enough for proof of attendance. The certificate will indicate 24 hours was spent on the course.

    • q-iconCan I share my login information with a friend?

      The tuition for this course covers the use for ONE student. Just like in your professional program. I have put a lot of energy and love into developing this course, and trust that you will respect copyright. What comes around, goes around – when you pay full value for services and products, people will be happy to pay full value for your services!

    • q-iconWill you cover strategies for online marketing?


      We will go through different options for you, but I do not cover all options it in-depth because that would be a 6 month course if it is taught well!


      I will help you figure out what your unique offering (Super Power) is. From there you will learn how you can sell yourself in any venue (blogging, speaking engagements, videos etc). You can plug in what you learn and create in this course into any of the different marketing options available to you. This is like your “master key”.


      If you want in-depth information about online strategies I encourage you to do so once you figure out what you offer – your super power, then it’s a great idea to invest in learning about advanced online strategies.

    • q-iconWhat are the technical requirements to be able to access the course materials?

      The videos will be streamed through Vimeo. If you can watch the video on this page, you will be able to watch the video lessons.

      There will be downloadable pdf worksheets and mp3 audio recordings.

    • q-iconShould I take this course even if I haven’t graduated yet?

      Yes! It’s great to gather this information now so that when you do graduate and will be able to hit the ground running. If you’re asking this question, you’re likely a real go-getter and keener and want to do everything you can to be successful right away.

    • q-iconWhat are the terms of the refund policy?

      If you feel you do not receive value from this course, to get a refund, you would simply email proof that you have completed all the worksheets up to Module 4, have completed 4 weekly checklists, completed 4 gratitude lists, and created 1 schedule template before the end of the 27 Days.

    • q-iconHow much time will it take to get through the course?

      I’ve designed it so that you can get it done in about 6 weeks, 4 to 7 hours per week. Each module is released once a week, and you can definitely go at your own pace!

    • q-iconWhat if I have other commitments like travel, or exams and can’t finish the modules in 6 weeks?

      You can work at your own pace because you’ll have access to the materials for 12 months.

    If you have any questions about the course, feel free to send me an email at nana(at)